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At Terra, we create impactful website copy and digital marketing content for businesses that are changing the world.

We craft words that open minds and wallets by telling your story and highlighting why your dream customers should invest in your mission.

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Remaining heart-centred in the world of digital marketing can feel as difficult as focusing on work with your favourite Netflix series on in the background, aka impossible.

Let us take the reins on your marketing copy, so that you can stop stressing about creating #content. Whether it’s blog posts, newsletters or updates for any social media platform, we can craft the perfect words that will make your ideal customers love your business as much as you do.

Share your mission, open minds and get hearts invested in your business with beautifully written website copy.

We use the core of your brand and turn it into words that will take your ideal customers from someone browsing, to someone buying. 

And don't worry, we scope out your wants and needs at the start of every project to ensure you get your dream site.

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My name's Bethany and I'm the founder of Terra Copywriting and your new right-hand woman.

As well as years of experience as a writer, I have a background in digital marketing and a passion for all things sustainable living and wellness.

I help brands that are trying to make an impact, by crafting copy that expresses their mission, talks to their tribe and drives soulful sales.

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- Chloe, Founder of Keshinomi

"Working with Bethany is a delight because we're on the same level. Our meetings to brainstorm ideas often feel like she has read my mind, which makes things so much easier and quicker. She does her research and tunes into the questions a reader might have.

I recommend Bethany because she's heart centred AND business minded - the perfect combo!"

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